"Belavia" carried its millionth passenger In July

July 2014 was a record for "Belavia"in many aspects. For the first time in its history the airline exceeded the milestone of 300,000 passengers carried in a month. Belavia delivered 303,659 passengers to their destinations, which is 129% from the previous year for the same period. In addition, July 31 was the day, when the maximum number of passengers transported per day in the history of airline - 11 061 people.

On July 24 the one millionth passenger
was registered on flight. In the past year "Belavia" crossed the one million mark on 16 August. Total YTD airline carried 1,077,206 passengers, a 22.5% more than was transported for 7 months of 2013.

"We are working on a very tight schedule
on the second month of summer. Number of both regular and charter flights has increased significantly compared to previous years, in August, we are planning to carry more passengers "- shared the general director of OJSC" Airline "Belavia" Anatoly Gusarov.

In July, "Belavia" carried out 3077 flights, including 1,995 regular. This growth has been possible due to the airline and the National Airport "Minsk" flexible policies, in order to attract transit passengers. Transit attractiveness of "Belavia" increased significantly after the reconstruction of the capital airport. "Belavia" together with the National Airport "Minsk" and customs "Minsk-2" have developed a
passenger service technology, under which transit passengers carrying flight from Minsk airport transfer in from anywhere, can not get the luggage in Minsk.

In order to ensure the growth of passenger the airline has expanded its fleet with the beginning of the year for 5 aircraft. Also in June 2014 signed a contract with the corporation "Boeing - civil aircraft" for the purchase of three new Boeing-737/800.

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