An electronic interline agreement began to operate between Belavia Airlines and Vietnam Airlines

May 24, 2013 the mutual sale of Belavia Airlines and Vietnam Airlines electronic tickets began. This will allow passengers to buy tickets through the Internet throughout the route.

Since 2008 the National airline "Belavia" and the Vietnam Airlines operates an interline agreement, which grants the right to make out the forms on their air travel routes on a partner airline.

The advantages of such agreements for the passenger are:

· Registration of a single ticket on the route, regardless of the number of carriers

· Passengers are able to use the most convenient connecting flights with other airlines parties to the agreement

· Transit passengers get their luggage from final destination without intermediate registration

"Our partnership underlines the open policy of the National Airline" Belavia "cooperation with foreign air carriers. We are pleased that through partnership agreements, we can empower our customers to travel, "- said General Director of the National Airline" Belavia "Anatoly Gusarov.

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